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"All Albéniz by Aldo Rodríguez "
Pedro de la Hozi

The artistic mastery of Aldo Rodríguez, based on study and perseverance and widely recognized all over the world, is one of the pillars that support, in the 90´s, the guitar cuban school.

A guitar player of his lineage just needed to pass a fire test, the interpretation of the spanish Suite of Issac Albeniz, and that was the task carried out by Rodríguez the last weekend during his performance at the Algeliers León Hall in this city.

The Spanish Suite has considerable technical and expressive difficulties. It is not only a sort of sum of the romantic and nationalistic spirit of that country but it also implies an enormous physical effort and a supreme display of skills, and much more than that, a tremendously unitarian discursive variety.
As if all this were not enough, the cuban public has had access to memorable versions of this suite, such as John William´s and Narciso Yépez´versions, just to mention only cases.

Without the intention of comparing,the Spanish Suite in the fingersand heart of Rodríguez found much more than fidelity: our guitar player has made it intimately attached to his profile, fluid, gracile and generous up to make it go with dignity in and out the island.

From "Granma" ,March 1st, 1994

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