In this young virtuoso of the guitar art his impassioned studious neatness goes farther beyond that purely technical perfection in instumental mastership and looks for the full-finished aspect in sound color, and so , never giving away an impeccable rythm , he deepens into most diverse styles within his diverse repertory, as, for instance, he is able to detail us a Dowland in magnificent Renaissance sonorities and impress us with the impetuos virtuosism of a Giuliani, within the very classical style of those years, in the same extent he can surprise us with the melancholic "criollismo", so southern style, of a milonga by Cardoso.. But above those remarkable musical qualities, what I thank most, what I most appreciate me in his art is that he keeps on being faithful to the guitar in its purest essence, feeling it , in its tender gentleness,as well as in its expressive and sonorous racial braveness...! So complete in its apparent humbleness!...that inspired the great Berlioz to entitle it as "Miniature Orchestra"
In brief, so, I have no doubt that Cuba, feels proud of such deserving talent of present-day guitar".

Maria Luisa Anido.